Due to the developments in my life I have become an expert in change, and not just in my career coaching work with international companies. Over the past 15 years, I’ve made five radical life changes, each involving a major move to a new country, each requiring that I dismantle and recreate my own career.

As a result, I have become experienced in navigating major life changes with ease, freedom from worry and with a sense of excitement. I can help you achieve the same sense of confidence and security in your own career move. I have guided many international businessmen and women who face this situation – perhaps you are one of them.

A major career change may seem daunting, but it’s also exciting. My own career was firmly on track as an executive in the Human Resources department of a Fortune 500 company. I loved the thrill of the corporate world; the people, the energy, the possibilities for career development.

Then I met my future husband and everything changed.

After our wedding, his job relocated to Dubai. Despite being in line for a big promotion, I left my job, packed my bags and started all over again in a totally new cultural and business environment.

Moving became a bit of a habit for us, as with so many couples in the international corporate world. We’d move, I’d find a great job, work hard, get close to being promoted… and we’d move again. It seemed that any sort of career management was practically impossible.

Then, another major life change – children! Now living in the Philippines, I stayed home to enjoy family life and at the same time volunteered as a crisis-line counsellor, helping people who were struggling with life-threatening issues, from depression to addiction.

That experience triggered another major life change for me… except this one came from the inside out! I loved helping people change from despair and confusion to hope and clarity, and what’s more I felt was good at it. That was when I started exploring the field of coaching.

That sounds easy on paper, but it wasn’t. Even with my multi-cultural business experiences, I found myself face to face with my own limiting beliefs about my career transition. For years I’d thought of myself only as someone who could do a particular job, be a mother, a wife… and move an entire household to the other side of the world whenever required! In order to succeed, I had to let go of old beliefs, throw myself out of my comfort zone and build a new career from scratch as my own boss.

I admit it was daunting, but I did it, and believe me, you can do it too. Unlike other executive coaching, my career coaching focuses on what you want to achieve, your goals, not the company’s.

Then we moved again from the Philippines to Russia! I came to England regularly to train at a Life Coach and later, as an Executive Coach to offer business and management training to the corporate world. I was highly successful during the next four years, training and coaching business executives at international companies including Shell, Danone, American Express, Standard Chartered Bank and Leo Burnett and Novartis.

Guess what happened next – we moved, this time to Portugal. Using my life coaching skills, the process of relocating and recreating my career in a new country was easy with a clear perspective, confidence, and a sense of eager anticipation.

Today, my international career transition coach business thrives, thanks to the ease of communication via phone, internet and low cost airlines! I have moved permanently to the UK ,where I live with my husband and two children, doing work I believe in, enjoying family life, and living my ideal life on my own terms.

If you want to know how to ride huge tidal waves of change with skill, grace and expertise, I can help you.

If you are facing a major life transition, if some persistent dream is calling you to make a change, call me to help you make it easier and achievable.

I can guide you and give you the tools and support you need to navigate any change with confidence, clarity and complete peace of mind.

Together, we can make it happen.