Three Secrets to Finally Attaining Your Ideal Career

I recently spent some time with a relative who is considered (at least by the rest of our family) to be very artistically gifted. For 20 years she has been talking about her art, creating her art and displaying it in her house for everyone to see. That was where her efforts ended. To make a living, she had odd jobs here and there. She always pretended she liked these jobs, when we all knew her heart laid in her art. So, after 20 years I finally asked her what was stopping her from taking her passion further. The conclusion of that private coaching session with my artistic relative could, I believe, be very helpful to all of you who are still struggling on your way to pursuing your dream career.The following three “Cs” are your key to not only a more fulfilling career, but perhaps to the overall achievement of any of your goals.

1.)   Craving. Do you have the diehard desire to pursue something new, different, exciting and fun? Do you crave this change enough to overcome any obstacle that presents itself on the way towards achieving it? Are you thirsty to “get there” no matter what it takes? If your craving is not big enough, you will probably not have the stamina to carry the change through. Ask yourself the above questions and you will instantly know whether the project is worth your while or not. This is a perfect test for any new endeavour you want to pursue.  It’s that easy.

2.)   Commitment. Even if you believe you crave a new career really badly and you kick off the process of achieving it with aplomb, if your commitment is missing, you will not be able to see the change through. My recommendation is to only go ahead with projects that you can commit yourself to wholeheartedly. This is not always easy, but if you zoom in on the end result and keep that result in front of you at all times (either by writing it down and reading it every day or by putting a picture on your vision board), you will be able to persevere.

3.)   Confidence. This step gets a bit tricky. Craving and committing to change is not enough if you lack confidence in yourself. You need to believe that you can carry the change through to the end. Your subconscious mind will sabotage you and bring out reasons why you can’t succeed. Confidence is a mind game between the old you and the new you. Let’s face it—if you have never tried to succeed in this new field before, the chances of your failure or success are at least 50-50, right? If you throw in your enthusiasm and commitment, I am sure you can tip the scale in favour of the newly pursued and more rewarding career—the one that will fulfil your potential and finally make sense of all those years of dreaming and yearning. Good luck!

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