Having worked with Natalie over the past few months, I have not only seen my business increase rapidly, but I have also seen my confidence as a business person increase dramatically. Natalie approaches coaching with a contagious sense of adventure for tackling the unknown. She, in turn, gave me the courage to look to my intuition as a guidebook for creating the life I had been longing to create for myself. Natalie drove me to clarify my goals and she also helped me capitalize on my strengths in order to mitigate my weaknesses. It is with the highest confidence that I recommend Natalie and LB Coaching!

Erin Chumas, Presentational Strategist, Media and Performance Coach & Speaker at Castle Group Coaching,
Los Angeles

I appreciated to work with Natalie as my communication coach for her ability to understand true personal drivers. She supports you with endless energy to continue to build on your strengths step by step. Although always professional, she presented deep personal interest and engagement during what was not always an easy period of career change.

Martin Aringer, Europe Brand Leader at Novartis Oncology, Czech Republic

Natalie’s professionalism is obvious from the moment you hire her. Her clear-cut approach to coaching her clients comes from years of experience in a variety of cultures and business experiences. When you hire Natalie, you gain a professional perspective of yourself and your talents that you might already know exists but you might not have known how to project to achieve the result you want.

Dorie Taylor, Art Dealer, UK

I have been working on some career decisions for the past eight months and have met with many different coaches about this. It is only from my one session with Natalie that I gained clarity, direction and inspiration. She is truly amazing at what she does and never once doubted my ability to achieve my ambition. I have already recommended her to friends and highly recommend her to anyone looking to get more from their career. Thankyou Natalie for your wisdom!

Suneet Goomer, Holistic Interior Designer, UK

Natalie supported me through a professional and personal turning point. Her insightful and empathic style accessed, and reflected, my conscience and inner desires to perfection. She consistently fine-tuned my ramblings to quickly reach the heart of the matter and gently, yet firmly, stayed by my side as I reached the decisions I’d long to make but, until that point, had dared not to consider. I have a whole new landscape of opportunities in front of me now thanks to my coaching sessions with Natalie.

Helen Cresswell, Partner, Talent Solutions, UK

Natalie’s clear, positive and objective support of decisions I want to make, is so reinforcing for career changes. After a session with Natalie, I feel anything, and everything, I want to do is possible. What better feeling can there be after a session with a coach ? Thank you so much , Natalie!

Susanne Humpert, Owner, PDA Lda, Portugal

With her excellent coaching skills, long experience in the corporate world and passion to help others, Natalie is unique in what she does. She has helped me a lot and I am very happy to recommend her.

Christian Zarro, Media Relations Manager at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd., London, UK

Thank you so much for our session which has inspired me full of ideas and positivity. What a great start to a new year!

Vivi Harle, Freelance Wardrobe Stylist and Personal Shopper, Sana Lisbon Hotel

Working with Natalie has been really inspiring. Thank you Natalie, I highly recommend you, your work and your teachings.

Mercedes Mata, Start-up Coach, Spain

Natalie is the coach with exceptional ability to discover hidden (but truthful) issues.. She succeeded with helping me to settle priorities, so that I was able again to restart my optimistic and enthusiastic vision in my professional life as well as private… And moreover Natalie´s open and direct approach made this change effective and fast.

Marta Rerabkova, General Manager
- Diasorin, Czech Republic

I took my life coach education through Natalie, and she really made me work it through. I can also recommend Natalie as a coach. She made me feel safe, and I am now working with her again.

Kristina Karlsen, Life coach, administration, supplier, Norway

I worked with Natalie while I was attending basic Life Coaching education. Natalie is not just an expert in her field of work, but also very creative and intuitive person. She is a great mentor, and her feedback was as valuable as feedback can be. Natalie provided me with the guidance, and coached me through the education.

She opened a door of life coaching for me and I recommend her services to everyone interested in that field.

Dejan Zivkovic, Trainer at Delta Generali Osiguranje, Serbia

The subject of the training (Introduction to NLP) was well chosen, the pace was just right , Natalie as a trainer was very effective in explaining all the concepts and engaging us in practical exercises. A well spent day!

Ivana Goossen, EMBA Director, Europe University of Pittsburgh, Czech Republic

When I started working with Natalie, I was unemployed , unhappy with myself and not in a relationship. However, with every coaching session I began to realise how much a life has to offer and how important it is to change my perspective in order to get what I want. I was allowed to dream and say loud what it was I actually wanted from life!

Natalie has the ability to give people hope and make them believe that they can actually achieve whatever they want if they have the clarity and determination to go after it! At the end of my coaching process with Natalie I have achieved the following: I am dating, I have a full time job and a part time job to help me accumulate more income towards my dream of living in my own apartment.

I feel more confident and starting working out with a personal trainer, which was unthinkable to me before. I am enjoying every little step I take because it is bringing me closer to my desired future.

Alexa Egenter, Intellectual Property Manager, ThyssenKrupp, Germany

I am one of those people who gets too busy and can´t see beyond the needs of others. Natalie showed me that there needs to be a consideration for myself, too.

Throughout the coaching process, with some help of various questionnaires and self-reflection, she helped me to find out my true values and what was important to me. I appreciated how much Natalie made me focus on myself without feeling self indulgent.

She gently encouraged me to concentrate on an overview of what really mattered. She gave me structures to help direct my interests and see where I could improve, or, just as important, know when to let go.

Heather Shiell, Ireland

Natalie as a trainer was great. The atmosphere of openness amongst the participants of the workshop was truly inspirational.Natalie made me realise many things about my life…I will take away the art of focusing and using my intuition from this wonderful workshop.

Beatrice Ingelmark, Germany

Natalie as a trainer is clear and precise.Her professionalism and the way she made the participants felt welcome and relaxed was amazing. The workshop was an eye opening experience for me and I recommend it to anybody who has lost their focus in life and need to gain a clarity and a direction again.

Carmo Roque, Portugal

I found the whole workshop hugely helpful, I have gained more focus on my goals than I have had in the past few years.Natalie was giving everybody her full attention and addressed all the topics with professionalism and vast knowledge of the subject. A fantastic workshop.

Malgorzata Nowicka, Poland

Working with Natalie was my first experience with coaching. So, whilst I cannot comment on her abilities relative to others, I feel that she is excellent in her role as coach and trusted counsel. I have been absolutely delighted with the initial results.

Natalie easily won my complete trust, and has proven to be perceptive, supportive and committed… whilst retaining an air of stretch and challenge when warranted.

When I started working with Natalie, I chose her from two other potential coaches. She was professional, modest and well prepared at our first face to face meeting. This was followed by a further meeting to consider more detailed aspects of my background and expectations. Subsequent meetings have been by telephone, although this does not seem to detract from our interaction.

”Every journey begins with one first step”… and I feel very positive about the journey that I have embarked upon by taking up the coaching.

Tom Morris, Economic Manager, Shell, Russia

Natalie supported me through a professional and personal turning point. Her insightful and empathic style accessed, and reflected, my conscience and inner desires to perfection. She consistently fine-tuned my ramblings to quickly reach the heart of the matter and gently, yet firmly, stayed by my side as I reached the decisions I’d long to make but, until that point, had dared not to consider. I have a whole new landscape of opportunities in front of me now thanks to my coaching sessions with Natalie.

Helen Cresswell, Partner, Talent Solutions, UK

Natalie has outstanding listening skills and is consistently showing that she is sincerely interested and actively focusing. And wow what a memory! This really helps Natalie remain totally present with her client and she easily keeps the big picture in mind, whilst able to chunk down to detail where appropriate.

Lizzie McPhillips, HR Consultant, Redwood Software, UK

The Basics of NLP Training with Natalie was fun, interactive and inspirational. The best training I have ever done!

Zuzana Hanuskova, Sales Manager, American Express, Slovakia

Natalie is a professional, caring and competent coach. She has a highly developed ability to understand the other person’s map of the world. She is focused on achieving the goal of the session, while showing a great respect for the client yet keeping him responsible at the same time!

Lesvalene Ngion, Executive Consultant, Elle Consulting International, Singapor

This is a fantastic book that will leave you feeling positive and raring to go! I rattled through this book in no time at all, and noticed an increase in my motivation levels straight away – but I also like to return to this book quite a lot as it’s so easy to just dip into the chapter you want, whenever you want, and pick up some more tips. I really like Natalie’s approach to the topic of motivation ~ it is both personal and structured. There are lots of examples from Natalie’s own experiences as well as her clients, and these, together with the exercises, really help build your self-motivation. If you want to boost your motivation levels, now and for the long-term, then I highly recommend you read 10 Steps To Keeping Your Motivation High!

Carolline Dwight, UK

Natalie’s ebook ’10 Steps to Keeping Your Motivation High’ came just in time to keep me on track! I particuarly appreciated the chapter ‘How to Remain in a Positive Space’ and through reading this, am now getting myself back on track and really making sure my priorities are what I truly want and need. I am now far more able to bring positivity and focus back into my daily life. Thank you, Natalie!

Sandra Walker, Italy

I bought the book on a whim, before starting a new round of interviews for a new job. It was exactly what I needed. Seemingly not so new information but when put together and followed step by step, it worked wonders in getting me fired up. The steps are easy but need to be DONE to make them work. But isn’t that, after all, the way it works in life? Words in themselves mean nothing, if you don’t turn them into action. This book definitely helps with that.

Emmanuel Lamiere, France

I have read the book in two hours but struggled more with the application! Easy to follow and easy to understand, the book made me feel that we all have more or less the same issues. I liked the personal introduction, if Natalie had to manage so many ”new beginnings”, then so can we! I have introduced a few little changes in my life already and am having fun with my vision board at the moment!

Hana Dobrovodska, Czech Republic

Three times I was passed over for promotion at work, and it got to the point I could hardly raise my head I was so demoralised. Natalie helped me to see that self-esteem can be fought for and won. I left the company where I’d worked for 15 years and am now happily running my own eco-business.

Linda Wolfson, UK

Natalie really brought home to me the importance of not procrastinating over situations that really would be better to face! After reading ’35 ways to Build Your Self-Confidence’, I felt inspired to do just that! I highly recommend this e-book for anyone who has put to one side things that they know they really could and should be working on. Her positive, encouraging and empathetic approach was extremely motivating.

Sandy Walker, Italy

Your E-book and audio book “35 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence” just opened my eyes. An excellent book, highly recommended.

Peter Fuller, Portugal

Anyone who finds themselves puzzling over why it’s always other people who seem to be happy and successful in life, both personally and professionally, really ought to read Natalie Ekberg’s inspiring and thought-provoking e-book “35 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence”. In this very readable book, Natalie gets straight to the root cause of the disappointment which plagues many of us as we go through life, and speedily and efficiently delivers a series of sensible solutions which will see readers eagerly turning the pages to find out more and put her proven remedies into action. An interesting read even for those who don’t think they suffer from a lack of self-esteem, this step-by-step guide will really get you thinking about how to realise your full potential. An excellent book, highly recommended.

Gaynor Ridgway, UK

Natalie did a fantastic job helping me discover my ideal career. After spending 5 years at home with my children, I was ready to explore getting back into the work force. However, I had no idea what I wanted to do or where to start my search. That’s where Natalie came in. By asking the right questions and getting me to think about my wants, needs, skills and ambitions, Natalie kept me moving forward to developing an entrepreneurial career that’s right for me. Natalie is sharp, genuine and caring. I couldn’t be happier with the help and support that Natalie gave me.

Christina Smith, USA
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Change is at Your Fingertips

Step-by-step, international career coach Natalie Ekberg guides you through how to take control of your life, deal with possible obstacles, break your self-destructive patterns and remove limiting beliefs.

35 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence

An easy to read, accessible book packed full of thought-provoking proven ideas to turn your life around through higher self esteem and increased confidence, from career transition expert Natalie Ekberg.

10 Easy Steps to Keeping Your Motivation High

Start to turn your life around, stay positive and begin to accomplish your goals with high motivation levels, as explained by international business career coach Natalie Ekberg.