How to Make the World your Oyster (Again)

One of my favourite clients once turned up at our session and addressed me as “Natalie, my oyster”. I didn’t understand her meaning but she was happy to explain. She said: “You made me believe that the world truly is my oyster. I have lost that trust but now it is back”. Clearly, this is the sort of feedback that every coach is longing for, but it made me wonder. What are you to do if you can’t afford a coach? What if you started believing that you have missed your moment and nothing good is ever going to happen to you?

The following process is simple. In fact, its beauty lies in its simplicity. However, do not underestimate its power. Follow these two very easy steps and let the surprises come your way.

1.)   Check what you see in the world around you and how you describe it. When you look at your garden, do you see “the beauty of the blooming flowers” or the “dilapidated state of the shed”? Do you attend a “horribly boring” meeting or a “what new things can I learn” meeting? How you view your experience is your decision, and it is the easiest way to change your outlook. If you keep practising, you will soon start seeing and appreciating the beauty that can be found in even the most mundane situations.

2.)   Once you have mastered step number one, turn your attention to yourself as a person. Can you apply the same principle when you talk about yourself? Instead of seeing someone who “failed”, see yourself as someone who “fearlessly tried”. Instead of being the one who “was overlooked for a promotion—again”, be the one who “will do everything in my power to be better prepared for next time.” Seeing ourselves in a negative light comes to us somewhat naturally. Turning around that process might represent a challenge. But all your hard work will be rewarded once you start viewing yourself as someone with “full potential, on the way to its realisation”. I am sure you can come up with many flattering statements, once you get going!

Once you start being genuinely positive, optimistic, expecting and seeing only the best in yourself and others, you will start attracting positive situations and outcomes to your life. I know, because I see it over and over again with my clients. And then, my friends, the world will truly become your oyster. Enjoy the ride!

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