How to Develop a “Success is the Only Option” Mentality

Have you ever wondered how different your life would be if you developed a “success is the only option” attitude? How, in any situation, you would automatically expect the best possible outcome? Would you like to try? Maybe just for a day or a week? For starters, I can guarantee you that all of your current challenges will become somewhat “lighter”, more manageable, less threatening.

Your fears will become smaller, insignificant and maybe even disappear completely. How can I be so sure about this? Remember? I believe your success is your only option.

In my coaching practice, this is exactly the mental place where I want to keep my clients most of the time. I repeat the mantra long enough so that they start to believe it and when that happens, the miracles start appearing. A client was not initially chosen for a job, only to be called one week later with the job offer and at a higher salary than what was initially suggested. Another client, just fresh from the launch of her business, landed a project so big that I was worried she would not be able to learn the ropes of how to have a continuous flow of clients—she didn’t seem to need any!

The question then remains: how do you develop a mentality for success when the reality around you shows you something completely different?

1.)   Don’t dismiss it as something that only the “woo-woo-spiritual-types” do, and give it a go. Whatever you are trying to achieve—finding a parking slot, finishing the project on time or getting picked for a promotion—believe that success is your only option. The longer you try, the more you will like it, so don’t return to your old ways after just one day. I promise you, it will make you feel better, and we should stick with things that make us feel better, right?

2.)   Re-look at your definition of success. What does success really, truly mean to you? Let’s say you believe that the next promotion will make you happy and you define it as a success. Instead, you don’t get it. You become upset; you leave the company. You then proceed to re-train as a yoga teacher (something you have always wanted to do) and get hired as a chief yoga guru on a retreat in Bali (somewhere you have always wanted to be). Now, you live in Bali and love every minute of your work and your life. Try and look back at that promotion; what if it had happen? How do you define your success now?

3.)   Allow one success, no matter how small it, is to propel you to the next one. Count even the least significant achievements as big ones, because they all add up. Look at the bigger picture behind it. When I sell one of my e-books on Amazon, the royalties will definitely not make my business rock; but, the fact that someone somewhere is getting supported on his journey to self-development gives me a huge amount of satisfaction—and, hell yes, that’s  a success!

I wish you the best of luck on your journey to success and don’t forget to share with me how you are doing!