You know that thing you have always wanted to do…but never have?

Here is your chance.

Yes, you really can take control of your life and have within your grasp all the things you’ve dreamt of. All it takes is a belief in yourself, the person you are and what you can achieve – and with the help of my e-book: 35 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence you’ll have just that!

Why not take the first step now? Download the book immediately, step up your confidence levels and watch how your life begins to turn around!

Three times I was passed over for promotion at work, and it got to the point I could hardly raise my head I was so demoralised. Natalie helped me to see that self-esteem can be fought for and won. I left the company where I’d worked for 15 years and am now happily running my own eco-business.

Linda Wolfson, Portugal

At this point you’re probably skeptical, but hopefully when I tell you that just like you 95% of my clients suffered from low self-confidence but don’t any longer you’ll be tempted to read on. My book outlines the steps that we took to help them recover their self-esteem and grab control of their lives. Read their stories in the book (or, if you’re really too busy to read, then listen instead to the audio book as you’re going about your daily tasks or travelling) and see if you can recognize yourself in the ‘BEFORE’ scenarios:

  • Do you envy others who seem so at ease when dealing with whatever situation life throws their way?
  • Do you feel that lack of self-confidence has robbed you of many of life’s opportunities?
  • Are you missing out on success because you can’t act confidently or speak up?
  • Is it incredibly easy for you to feel “out of your comfort zone”?
  • Do you avoid parties because of the stress of interacting and meeting new people?
  • Is procrastination your way of dealing with difficult tasks?
    Have you found yourself out of work and can’t find the courage to start job hunting?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this book is for you. It’s an easy and interesting read, packed full of thought-provoking proven ideas to turn your life around.

Natalie really brought home to me the importance of not procrastinating over situations that really would be better to face! After reading ’35 ways to Build Your Self-Confidence’, I felt inspired to do just that! I highly recommend this e-book for anyone who has put to one side things that they know they really could and should be working on. Her positive, encouraging and empathetic approach was extremely motivating.

Sandy Walker, Italy

So let’s get started – here is what I cover in the book:

  • The huge importance of self-confidence in our lives.
  • The main confidence crushers and how to get rid of them.
  • Understanding your own worth and making sure others see it, too!
  • The importance of embracing success instead of fearing it.
  • Dealing with procrastination once and for all!
  • Super-fast confidence boosters.
  • Ways to regain confidence after hitting a “rough patch”. The habits of confident people.


  • How to Be Self-Confident in Social Settings
  • THow to Be Self-Confident when Job Hunting

So that ‘AFTER’ you’ll know:

  • How to take back the self-confidence that you had as a young child, when you acted instinctively, purposefully and with self-esteem.
  • How to stop hiding your true needs and how to maximize the opportunities that life presents to you.
  • How to assert yourself in various life situations.
  • Why the ability to express your genuine emotions is so important.
  • Why you absolutely must stop comparing yourself to others, especially at work!
  • How important it is to learn from those who know.
  • How stopping procrastination is absolutely crucial to your success.

In short, how to make the very most of your life … you can do it! As you work through the lessons in the accompanying new exercise book, you’ll discover just how to peel away those layers of worry and self-doubt to reveal the confident person hidden away underneath. You will be on the path to success.

Your E-book and audio book “35 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence” just opened my eyes. An excellent book, highly recommended.

Peter Fuller, Portugal

Successful people are self-confident. In fact, it may be the one quality that all successful people share.
They don’t crumble to pieces if they have a setback, and you don’t need to either!

With your newly discovered self-esteem you’ll find yourself dealing easily with disappointments that would previously have sent you scuttling back into your shell – you’ll take them in your stride.

All of the topics are explained swiftly and are easy to follow. Exercises are included to help you put into practice what you read so that you can begin right away to build, develop and sustain your new self-confidence.

Why not take the first step now? Download the book immediately, step up your confidence levels and watch how your life begins to turn around!

Anyone who finds themselves puzzling over why it’s always other people who seem to be happy and successful in life, both personally and professionally, really ought to read Natalie Ekberg’s inspiring and thought-provoking e-book “35 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence”. In this very readable book, Natalie gets straight to the root cause of the disappointment which plagues many of us as we go through life, and speedily and efficiently delivers a series of sensible solutions which will see readers eagerly turning the pages to find out more and put her proven remedies into action. An interesting read even for those who don’t think they suffer from a lack of self-esteem, this step-by-step guide will really get you thinking about how to realise your full potential. An excellent book, highly recommended.

Gaynor Ridgway, UK



35 Ways to Build
Your Self-Confidence

Why not take the first step now? Download the book immediately, step up your confidence levels and watch how your life begins to turn around!

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