For any busy business professional, career coaching needs to fit around your schedule and your available time – and be 100% confidential. So, I offer various business coaching packages, at flexible times to suit your requirements. Every LB Coaching package includes:

  • the full coaching time stated – no winding up 5 minutes before!
  • all the materials required, such as exercises, questionnaires, etc.
  • unlimited email support in between sessions
  • free initial session where I explain the process in more detail

Simply choose the package you require, click the “Book now” link, fill in the form, and I’ll contact you to schedule your free initial consultation within 24 hours.

Package options:


    If you want your desired changes to manifest fast and you are prepared to give the coaching process your undivided attention, then this package is for you.

    You will be entitled 6 x 60 minutes coaching sessions plus an unlimited access to me as your coach in between the sessions. Whatever question, problem or challenge arises, you can discuss it with me immediately.

    I will help you with the research of the information you might need. I will introduce you to the right people who can open the right doors for you. You will get the assistance that goes far beyond the usual coaching process.

    Treat yourself as a VIP; you deserve it. More Information


    If you need a career shift and are ready to change your life, choose this package of 6 x 60 minutes. At the end of the sessions, you will have a clear picture of your future direction, a full action plan of steps to take, and more importantly, you will believe in your own capabilities and a successful outcome of the whole process!
    More Information


    If you have never tried coaching before and are unsure of its positive impact on your life, try it out with 3 sessions only. This will still allow you to kick-start the process of change and set you up in the right direction. The rest is up to you! More Information


    If you have any pressing issue or a decision to make, this is a perfect opportunity to benefit from a professional coaching, so you can gain clarity to go ahead and make it happen! More Information


    If you are serious about your career or the future of your business, your presence on Linkedin is of a paramount importance. Whether your profile needs an improvement or whether you search for more high quality connections, together, we will identify the right solution for you.
    Improve your Linkedin presence – improve your chances for success. More Information


    Getting your CV right is the first step towards getting the job of your dreams. Yet the process of perfecting it might feel overwhelming and tedious. Let me step in and help you making your CV the best it can be. More Information