Career Personality Test

I have recently been given an opportunity to try a new career personality test – Career Clover:

This test is very thorough and a great tool for all of those who would like to know themselves better before deciding on their next career move.
The results of the test also help to identify which type of career would be the best suited for the person who took the test.

By doing the test you will also receive various badges reflecting on your strongest competencies; if you wish so, these badges can be added to your Linkedin profile and thus upgrade your profile somewhat.
If you are at the crossroads in terms of your career; this test could be the first step towards gaining more clarity about your possible future direction.
I highly recommend it.

A New Approach to Setting Your Goals in 2015

Over the past 10 years, since I started my coaching business, my view on goals setting has shifted quite a bit. In the beginning, I was all about the “go-get-it” attitude, but as time passed, I realised that more often than not, the goals just don’t get achieved. It doesn’t have to be our fault: sometimes, it’s just not the right time to work on or to approach that particular goal; other times, our life circumstances change and we have to adjust the direction, leading to a path away from the goal. Furthermore, I believe that beating ourselves up over those goals not achieved is more damaging to our self-esteem than not having any goals at all!

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How to Develop a “Success is the Only Option” Mentality

Have you ever wondered how different your life would be if you developed a “success is the only option” attitude? How, in any situation, you would automatically expect the best possible outcome? Would you like to try? Maybe just for a day or a week? For starters, I can guarantee you that all of your current challenges will become somewhat “lighter”, more manageable, less threatening.

Your fears will become smaller, insignificant and maybe even disappear completely. How can I be so sure about this? Remember? I believe your success is your only option. Continue reading

Three Secrets to Finally Attaining Your Ideal Career

I recently spent some time with a relative who is considered (at least by the rest of our family) to be very artistically gifted. For 20 years she has been talking about her art, creating her art and displaying it in her house for everyone to see. That was where her efforts ended. To make a living, she had odd jobs here and there. She always pretended she liked these jobs, when we all knew her heart laid in her art. So, after 20 years I finally asked her what was stopping her from taking her passion further. The conclusion of that private coaching session with my artistic relative could, I believe, be very helpful to all of you who are still struggling on your way to pursuing your dream career. Continue reading

What is one sure sign that you have found your ideal career?

When you finally decide that you are ready for a career change, identifying a new one and getting it ‘right’ can be quite stressful. After all, if you go through with the process (a brave step by itself), you want to avoid making another mistake and instead choose a career that will bring long-lost joy into your working life. Continue reading

Are You Using This Important Career Change Strategy?

There are many strategies out there for a successful career change and equally as much opinion and advice. Usually the career change process is unique and individual, as it should be. From my experience, there is one strategy that brings the best results, and I throw it at my clients right at the beginning of the process. The strategy is called “mad hatter”, and this is how it works. Continue reading

How Do You Know You Are Ready for a Career Change?

It happens to me all the time. I meet potential clients who are ‘thinking’ about a possible career change. Then they discover how focused the coaching process is and that at the end of it they will very likely have a new job or a business. All of a sudden, they are not so keen to continue. Why? They are simply not ready. If you are sitting on the fence and contemplating a career change, perhaps it would be helpful to understand just how ready you are at the moment. Continue reading

Why Building Your Personal Brand Can Help Change Your Career

The topic of building a “personal brand” has been on my mind for a while now. Way too often, I see how this simple strategy gets underrated, neglected or even ignored. Most probably, the importance of building your personal brand has never even occurred to you so let me say it in plain English. If you are serious about your career or considering changing it, you need to jump on that brand building horse rather fast. Here are the main reasons why: Continue reading


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