Are You Using This Important Career Change Strategy?

There are many strategies out there for a successful career change and equally as much opinion and advice. Usually the career change process is unique and individual, as it should be. From my experience, there is one strategy that brings the best results, and I throw it at my clients right at the beginning of the process. The strategy is called “mad hatter”, and this is how it works.

1.) The basis for the strategy is thinking “out of the box”. Quite often, a client says he wants a major change in his career, only to proceed by looking back at previous experience and trying to deviate slightly from there. Sure, counting in the previous experience is important, but moving forward, it is equally important to let go of that and allow yourself to think differently and explore different, never tried before avenues. Break free of the box you have been sitting in for the past x number of years!

2.) Moving the process even further, I then encourage my client to become a “mad hatter” and list as many ideas for a possible career change as possible, with the emphasis on “nothing is out of bounds”. Every idea is valid and relevant. By the client doing this, the creative juices are allowed to flow freely, and often many wonderful “AHA!” moments happen during this stage.

3.) After creating a long list of options, it becomes relatively easy to strike out all completely irrelevant and unrealistic ones and stick to those that both excite the client and are believable and achievable. Quite often, these are completely different from the options considered before implementing the above-described process.

For all of you who go through the career change process by yourself, I would like to remind you that it is important to make the process fun and enlightening; you are moving towards something more enjoyable, remember? If you need someone to remind you of that and help you to achieve the desired results quickly and effectively, get in touch at: