• Experience difficulties turning your ”fantastic ideas” into ”great results”
  • Wake up in the morning with no real desire to pursue your plans for the day
  • Ask the people around you for constant support and encouragement
  • Seem to always walk away from your projects just before you finish them
  • Postpone important decisions and actions until such time when they are no longer relevant
  • Wish you had a set of tools to overcome your temporary set-backs and lack of motivation…

…then this book is for you!

The easiest way to get started to turn your life around, to stay positive and begin to accomplish your goals as oppose to just dreaming or talking about them is to order my e-book, “The 10 Easy Steps to Keeping Your Motivation High”.

This is a fantastic book that will leave you feeling positive and raring to go! I rattled through this book in no time at all, and noticed an increase in my motivation levels straight away – but I also like to return to this book quite a lot as it’s so easy to just dip into the chapter you want, whenever you want, and pick up some more tips. I really like Natalie’s approach to the topic of motivation ~ it is both personal and structured. There are lots of examples from Natalie’s own experiences as well as her clients, and these, together with the exercises, really help build your self-motivation. If you want to boost your motivation levels, now and for the long-term, then I highly recommend you read 10 Steps To Keeping Your Motivation High!

Carolline Dwight, United Kingdom


  • How to Stop Procrastinating
    We all know how this works: we know we have something we have to do but we fiddle around, find other little tasks and endlessly delay doing it. This causes real damage to our self esteem and ultimately to our life and relationships. Of course, it doesn’t help at work, either. Learn how to stop procrastinating.
  • How to Rely on Yourself
    Are you an emotional vampire? Do you rely on other people in your life to make yourself happy? Stop it! I will teach you how to build up your strength so you can stop leaning on others – it is better for you and it is better for them.
  • Figure Out What You Really Want in Life
    A lot of us sort of sleepwalk through life: tending to our responsibilities, chasing the deadlines, paying the bills, trying to maintain our relationships. It is easy to lose the picture of who we really are in all of this. How long has it been since you reflected on what it is you really want in life? I will take you through a realistic approach towards setting up goals and starting to work on them right away.
  • Get Rid of the Things That Secretly Ruin Your Life
    You probably don’t even notice the roadblocks in your life that keep you from being successful. Like the clutter in your house, you have got so used to having it around; you don’t even realize it’s there! Lots of clutter prevents you from seeing and thinking clearly. In my book, I will point out more of these “hidden motivation eaters” to you.
  • How to always be motivated
    This is the big one – it’s the title of the book, after all- KEEPING YOUR MOTIVATION HIGH IS THE KEY TO ACCOMPLISHING YOUR GOALS and keeping that energy throughout your life. There are specific steps to take in order to accomplish this and I cover them here. If you only read one part of this book, read this part. I put it in the first chapter, so it’s easy to find.

You get all of this and more in an easy-to-read, fun but important e-book to help you to move forward in leaps. If you found yourself in situations described above, then this book is for you.

  • Easy to read and enjoy
  • Important tips you can start using right away
  • Learn to define your goals, get motivated and stick to them!

This is the first step towards a new life.
This is also your first lesson: Don’t procrastinate!

Natalie’s ebook ’10 Steps to Keeping Your Motivation High’ came just in time to keep me on track! I particuarly appreciated the chapter ‘How to Remain in a Positive Space’ and through reading this, am now getting myself back on track and really making sure my priorities are what I truly want and need. I am now far more able to bring positivity and focus back into my daily life. Thank you, Natalie!

Sandra Walker, Italy

I bought the book on a whim, before starting a new round of interviews for a new job. It was exactly what I needed. Seemingly not so new information but when put together and followed step by step, it worked wonders in getting me fired up. The steps are easy but need to be DONE to make them work. But isn’t that, after all, the way it works in life? Words in themselves mean nothing, if you don’t turn them into action. This book definitely helps with that.

Emmanuel Lamiere, France

I have read the book in two hours but struggled more with the application! Easy to follow and easy to understand, the book made me feel that we all have more or less the same issues. I liked the personal introduction, if Natalie had to manage so many ”new beginnings”, then so can we! I have introduced a few little changes in my life already and am having fun with my vision board at the moment!

Hana Dobrovodska, Czech Republic



10 Easy Steps
to Keeping
Your Motivation High

The easiest way to get started to turn your life around, to stay positive and begin to accomplish your goals as oppose to just dreaming or talking about them is to order my e-book.

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